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Our mission is to raise awareness about mental and emotional health through arts and entertainment.  Dr. Gloria Morrow’s background as a licensed clinical psychologist adds a valuable perspective to the organization’s efforts.

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Breaking Stigmas, Inspiring Hope.

GLOBO Productions, LLC began in 2013 and has been a vehicle through which stage productions are created and produced, such as, “The Things that Make Men Cry,” “Three Times a Lady,” and “Detours.”  These productions were produced to help theater goers to better understand the impact of untreated mental/emotional health issues on their lives, and to gain the tools to help them to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Gloria Morrow, the CEO of GLOBO Productions, LLC is a licensed clinical psychologist who has spent the past three decades of her life in treating individuals and families who suffer from mental/emotional health issues. She is currently three classes away from completing her Producer Certificate from UCLA, and is in the pre-production phase of her first feature film, “Three Times A Lady.” Dr. Gloria is also planning to produce “Detours” the stage play in 2024, and is preparing to film the documentary, “The Things that Make Men Cry.”

Dr. Gloria is so excited about partnering with Peer Voices who will serve as the organization’s fiscal sponsor, and Dr. Gloria will provide training and consultation for Peer Voices and its partners.

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Detours, the stage play

Detours is a stage play that focuses on a pastor’s daughter who suffered from untreated mental illness and substance abuse issues that caused her to take detours in her life.  At the family holiday dinner the family’s issues are exposed, and through the course of the play the family secrets will be revealed which ultimately will lead to their process of healing. Domestic violence and sex trafficking can be the result of untreated mental illnesses.
The Things that Make Men Cry

A documentary where Dr. Gloria opens the conversation as to the things that make men cry based on the research found in her book of the same name.  Men will be guided through activities that allow them to share their truth.  The documentary will focus on the emotional world of men, and what they can do to be healthy.

SAFE (Spirituality and Faith Empowers)

A training program for clinicians and the faith community to help them to work together to help hurting people of faith with mental/emotional healing.

Three Times a Lady

Dr. Gloria is in the pre-production phase of her first film. It focuses on the impact of untreated loss and mental illness and how it affects the individual, marriage, and the family. This film will foster hope and provide healing.

Our Mission

To create quality stage, film, and documentary productions that enable viewers to improve their mental/emotional health.

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We are excited to share with you our upcoming events which are planned with the purpose of bringing healing through arts and entertainment.



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Three Times a Lady

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The Things that Make Men Cry

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